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Full names Felicitas Ngenuie Zama is an Italian based R&B/Soul Artist resident in Milan. Born on October 3rd 1994 in Cameroon in West Central Africa, the singer is the last child of a monogamous family of nine children. The 23 year old has three sisters and five brothers (of which one of them is her twin brother) all resident in Africa. Bred in the North West Region of the country, in the capital city of Bamenda, she attended Presbyterian Primary School at the age of five, after which she continued her secondary and high school education in 2005 in one of the most famous high schools in the region, Government Bilingual High School.

Undergoing the British system of education, Felicitas graduated from high school with excellent grades in the Advance Level in 2013.Speaker of English as her mother tongue and French as her second language, she later moved to the capital city of Cameroon, Yaoundé where she studied and got certified Italian as her third language.

A lover of Art, She started braiding and hair styling at the age of nine, helping out in her older sister’s beauty salon. She also took on a two years course in Fashion and Cloth Design, after which she got her Diploma in July 2016 with the dream of building her own brand. Later, she moved to Italy in August that same year where she started her University Studies.

In late 2017, around October, Felicitas began her singing carrier, recording her debut album titled “REDEMPTION”, from which she released her first single “INVICTUS (the unconquerable in Jesus)” on the 28th of April 2018.

“I started writing songs ever since I was 12 years old. I was a lover of Beyoncé, Westlife and Hannah Montana, so much so that i starting foreseeing a carrier in music. I used to dance Beyoncé on heels in our living room all afternoon after school and sing out Westlife’s “Flying without wings” at the top of my voice all the time and I got the best of both worlds like Hannah Montana. I remember trying to convince my big sister to book me a recording studio in 2010 in the city of Douala, when I went over for summer holidays but she didn’t take me seriously and I too didn’t insists for long because I had to study and get good grades. But my Love for music didn’t die there.it was deep down in me sleeping, just waiting to be awaken” she explains.

“I love good music, one that moves my spirit. I wasn’t sure about the genre that was my passion until late 2017 when I realised that I wanted to sing about God and his unconditional love for me. But I wanted my music to be special. I wanted music that anyone anywhere can relate to, so I said to myself: why limit yourself to one genre when you can do a mixture of all and still be unique? And that’s how Felicitas music was born” she cited.

A month after she began recording her debut album, Felicitas joined Black Inside Gospel singers, own by the Black Inside Association in Milan, whose  primary objective is to promote gospel music. A soprano singer in the choir, she acknowledged that being part of the group is an amazing experience. In her own words:

“When I started my singing journey, I wanted so much to be part of a group of people who love gospel music as I do, people who come together to express themselves through the music and enjoying the get together, not for anything else but for the love of music and using it to give hope to others and with Black Inside Gospel singers, I found exactly what I was searching for. With them it feels like being with family, a music family. The hours I spend with them during rehearsals and during concerts are moments that to me will forever be unforgettable, for we at Black Inside, we make an amazing family”. She explains.

In 2010,in her first year in high school, she headed a dance group of five girls called the “Sky Girls” who danced hip hop and African music in socials and in inter-school competitions, one of which her group emerged the winner.

“I love dancing. I grew up in a community and come from a tribe of people who dance all the time. I think I inherited some of my dance skills from my mother because her dance steps are simply the best!” she explains.

The singer’s debut album was launched on the 24th of November 2018.Felicitas music can be described as Gospel, Soul, R&B and Rock. In her own owns: “sometimes I go slow, sometimes I go hard. Sometimes I stay superficial and sometimes I go deep into the gospel. My melodies come as the Holy Ghost directs my soul to release whatever good that is inside for the world to hear”. Her melodies take you to heaven and feed your soul just the food and energy it needs. Her sounds are relevant and legendary, her favourite colour is brown and some of her interests are fighting racism and gender inequality.

“I am a believer and with Redemption, I’m releasing just a piece of the Love, Joy and Peace that the almighty God has given me. Just listen to it, feel it, let the music connect to your soul and feed it. My everyday prayer is that God, by his grace and direction will keep the purpose of my singing to bringing glory to his name”. She says.

Stay tuned for exciting new music from Felicitas, with her drive, passion, contagious smile, it won’t be long before the world recognizes this rising star!

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